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Streamline Certificate of Insurance Tracking

Streamline your Certificate of Insurance tracking to complete contractual risk transfer and protect your organization from claims arising from the action of third parties. TGA is an experienced certificate monitoring team protecting your organization and ensuring end-to-end compliance for your contracts. Combining our industry knowledge, proven process, and technology, we will provide your company a single point of compliance management for your vendors, suppliers, tenants, subcontractors, and franchisees. Regardless of your company size and industry, our certificate monitoring services can be scaled to deliver results.

Managing Certificates Takes Experience and Expertise

  • Leverage our 45 years of insurance, claims management, and certificate of insurance tracking
  • Dramatically improve our clients certificate of insurance compliance
  • Annually manage over 30,000 certificates of insurance and 25,000 contract agreements

Understanding your business risks and insurance requirements is our priority. Together we will define clear goals for ongoing compliance improvement, tracking success with compliance reports at intervals that fit your needs.

Our Proven Process Will Deliver Compliant, Current, and Organized Certificates of Insurance

  • Access to compliance status on-demand
  • Quarterly requests sent to agents to confirm policy remains compliant
  • Real-time description of deficiencies and status of compliance communication
  • Policy expiration notifications sent 30 days in advance
  • Continuous communication with agents and their insured to secure a compliance Certificate of Insurance
  • Uploaded certificates from each vendor’s insurance agent
  • Integrate with other software systems

Our services deliver complete management and reporting on the status of third parties’ certificates. Letting you choose your level of involvement from reviewing compliance reports to accessing the system for individual certificates.